SSR vs CSR vs Static Render

SSR vs CSR vs Static Render

Hey everyone,

I recently saw a post asking for some help on this topic. So i am writing on this topic.Lets start.

First off all there are two type of data in website :

  1. Static data ( for everyone it is same eg site name )
  2. Dynamic data ( for everyone it is different eg username ). Dynamic data is sent by server means we need a server here which will call database, fetch data from it and sends it to browser.There are two methods to send this data to browser or client !

Ssr: server side rendering

The server creates a HTML page with data in it and sends in as a response to browser.


eg Hashnode, Github, etc (Most of the big companies uses this)

Advantages : SEO Friendly, Easy.

Csr: Client side rendering

Here client is our browser. When we first open a site , the whole site HTML code is fetched to the browser but there is no data in it( means missing dynamic data like user details etc). After the code is fetched , we load the data by calling the server api which in return send the data as json object.


eg GetMakerLog

Advantages : Behaves like an app.(Single page application, Fast (First time load is slow as it downloads all the html css,js for website)

Hybrid Rendering:

Server side rendering + Client Side Rendering.

On first load the server sends the HTML and data for that site , and the HTML code of all website pages. So first time the browser open the site , its SSR and when we navigate to other pages its CSR.

Static Websites

There is no dynamic data. It uses only static data. We cannot add data according to user logged in. No Server is required. eg Gatsby, Jekyll.