Why I prefer Mac for Development !

Why I prefer Mac for Development !

I have used window as a beginner and then shifted to Linux for better development experience. And at last satisfied by MacBook.

Why not Windows!

  1. Slow bootup. slow
  2. No bash terminal.


  1. Most of the tutorial for Unix based system.
  2. Hang oftenly.
  3. Windows update slow the internet and also next update doesn't improve performance but decrease it.
  4. Command prompt is fucked up.
  5. Virus...... x

Why not Linux!

  1. Buggy
  2. Updates increase the performance but come with some bugs.
  3. Not every hardware is compatible with Linux.My old computer used to have wifi and graphics problem.
  4. Decrease battery performance.

Why MacBook?

  1. Unix based.
  2. Support Bash shell.
  3. Easy to install software.
  4. Faster opening of apps.
  5. For mobile development it's best. You can parallely run iOS and Android emulator without any lag
  6. Vs code startup time is very fast.
  7. Backed up by Apple. Hence updates boost the performance and also the user experience .